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NOON:           Homecoming Parade (for those who would like to watch)

3:00pm:          Alumni Band Registration

3:30pm:          Rehearsal (Steinbrenner Band Hall next to the Music Building)

5:00pm:          Cocktail reception with hors d'oeuvres (University Gallery - sponsored by the UF Alumni Association)
6:00pm:          Gator Growl (separate Growl ticket purchase required


7:00am:          Check-in at Steinbrenner Band Hall
7:30am:          Rehearsal and business meeting at the SBH
8:30am:          Walk to Marching Band practice field. (AKA Pony Field. S on Newell, W on Museum, S on 
                           Lemerand) Transportation available for those who need it.
9:00am:          Rehearsal at practice field





What are we playing and where do I get the music from?
The music will be emailed to all registrants. If you didn’t receive the email with the music, please contact
Michelle Taunton ( and state what instrument you need music for.


I requested to borrow a horn from UF. Where do I pick it up?
There will be a table set up in the storage area of the SBH before rehearsal. You will sign a form to obtain an instrument. It is encouraged that you borrow a horn on your own for the game. UF cannot guarantee instruments for all marchers, and they will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.


If I have season tickets and sit in my regular seat, what do I do with my instrument?
There will be a designated truck for instrument storage. Whether you are sitting in the Alumni Band block or not, you can put your instrument on the truck at the practice field after Saturday morning's rehearsal. Then pick your instrument up from the truck outside the stadium in front of the old gymnasium before we go on the field at halftime. We will leave our seats with 7:30 to go in the second quarter. All marchers must leave the stadium and head to the field tunnel in the SE corner of the stadium. The Alumni Band will meet up outside the tunnel to enter the field.


Will we play our horns during the game?
No.  We need to save our chops for the amazing half-time show!


Where is the Marching Band Field?
It is still called Pony Field on the UF campus map. From the SBH head south on Newell, west on Museum, south on Lemerand. It is approximately a mile from SBH to the field so be prepared. There will be transportation available to those who need it.



What happens if I miss the registration deadline of October 8th?
As a result of recent changes in stadium security, all marchers having access to the field must be pre-approved by UPD, and will be issued a wristband in order to access the field. Therefore, we MUST adhere to the registration deadline in order to get all marchers' names to UPD in time for review. If you miss the deadline, your name will not be submitted to UPD for field access, and you will be unable to march. Please do not call the Gator Band office or UPD in an attempt to register after this date.


Where do I get my tickets in the alumni block and my wrist band for field entry?
They will be handed out Friday and Saturday before each rehearsal. UPD requires that you have a wrist band to march.


I already am a season ticket holder, do I need to buy another ticket to play in the Alumni Band?
No. Only if you want to sit in the Alumni Band section would you need to buy another ticket. Otherwise, you can sit in your regular seat and then march.


Will I need a game ticket if I am marching and sitting in the Alumni Band section?
Yes, you need a ticket for the game.


How can I sit by my friends?
There will be a question on the registration form for you to indicate who you'd like to sit near. We will make every effort to meet all seating requests. All tickets purchased on the same order (a maximum limit of 4 per alumnus) will be seated together.


What if I need handicapped seating or have any special needs?
There will be options on the registration form to request handicapped seating/seating close to the exit, and any additional special requirements. Since we have to coordinate these arrangements with the UF Ticket Office and the Athletic Association, the sooner we know about any special needs, the more likely we'll be able to accommodate them, so we encourage you to register as early as possible, as special needs seating is limited.



Dress Code:


Dress code for the game?
Any Alumni Band member planning to march is required to wear khaki bottoms (long pants, shorts, or capris) with an orange polo shirt, preferably the official Gator Alumni Band polo shirt. These shirts are available for purchase at the following websites: (men's shirts) or (ladies' shirts).




I RSVP’d on the Gator Band Alumni Facebook page. Does that mean I have to do anything else?
Yes, you still need to complete the online registration form and pay your annual Alumni Band dues.


What are the Alumni Band Association dues used for?
The dues cover the cost of the Saturday morning donuts and coffee, anniversary gifts and general supplies for the weekend. Monies left over are contributed to the Gary Langford Scholarship Fund.


Parking on campus:
The parking at the Marching Band Field is usually taken by Friday so please do not plan on driving down to the field from the SBH on Saturday morning. Transportation from SBH will be available for those who need it.


Beyond those words of advice, parking is like it always has been, every Gator for themselves. UPD does seem to allow cars to park on concrete or paved areas during a game day. Do not park in service drives, disabled spaces, loading zones, “no parking” areas, bike lanes, sidewalks, grass areas or reserved spaces (unless otherwise posted).


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